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In 2005 the lord gave me two book titles.  I didn't begin to write immediately but as time progressed I would write more and more. Finally after years went by I had a finished product.  A lot of me went into that book and I wondered if that was a good idea.  Turns out it's exactly what was needed.  

My Community

This particular book touches not only the faith community but everyone.  We can all think back to when we moved forward with something that we should not have. 

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We should be glad that we are God’s chosen generation, with whom He is well pleased. Do not take lightly the task you have ahead. Responsibility will weigh heavy on you and He will hold you accountable.

In the Sanity Behind Sanctification, Author Deirdre Avant makes the process of sanctification plain and understandable. In the following chapters God will reveal His overall plans for purity. God is seeking a people who are sold out to Him and only Him. Rest assured when He returns He will be seeking a bride without a spot or wrinkle.